Having a Tough Time Finding Rio Movie Party Supplies for a Birthday? You’re Not Alone…

If you’re searching for Rio the Movie Party Supplies, here are several bright ideas that will add a wealth of colorful jazz to your festivities. Rio Movie Party Packs haven’t been found in stores yet, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as they’re available. Tons of Rainforest, Jungle and Parrot themed party table settings, favors, and decorations will enliven your special day.  Click through to the Rio Edible Cupcake Topper shown here.

While there are a few items that directly tie-in to the movie like this Rio Edible Icing , or decorating with Rio Movie Posters, a little bit of brainstorming has found some lively alternatives to dress up your party atmosphere.


Why not start out with this wildly colorful and affordable 9′  Tissue Jungle Flower Garland.  Another easy peasy trick here is to just string the garland with white or colored light strings to add even more appeal.  A wide variety of Jungle Party Supplies is depicted just below as simple sampling of the myriad of directions you can take your theme and backdrops:



 These ideas are just the beginning,  there’s still a cavalcade of frivolity to discover in paper plates and table settings, ceiling hangings, birthday games and party accessories – check out the Rio Party Page for endless suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Welcome To Rio Movie Toys!

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Lively Brazilian beats, whacky fun and song in the new 3D Rio Movie make it a smash hit, that landed in your theaters on April 15, 2011. We’ve got all the toys from the film, including character plush toys and mini action figures! We’re also highlighting the variety of RioMovie Books and Coloring Books that will add hours of fun to your kids quiet times. Posters, alternative plush toys and Party supplies and South American style inspirations are also here for you to peruse.

Rio is from the producers of “Ice Age” and has already become a surprise spring hit for the entire family to enjoy! The bestselling movie toys are always the plushpal toys and this colorful film is deep in character playtime fun. There are 6 different Rio Plush character toys featuring many of our beloved rainforest friends, if you’re not already familiar, listed below are our introductions:

Rio Cast of Characters

Who is the Voice Talent Cast for the Rio Characters?
Blu is Jesse Eisenberg our bumbling blue macaw on a South American adventure. Jesse was the lead character in the Social Network.
Luiz Bulldog is Tracey Morgan playing our loveable bulldog friend. Tracey is well known from Saturday Night Live.
Jewel Macaw is Anne Hathaway and offers her talents as the voice of Jewel, our gorgeous femme fatale leading Blu through the rainforest. You’ll know Anne from The Devil Wears Prada, kids will know her from Princess Diaries.
Rafael Toucan is George Lopez who wonderfully voices our wisecracking Toucan. You recognize George as a comedian and late night tv host.
Marmos Marmoset Monkey Francisco Ramos depicting the head marmoset adding action to the wild monkey rampage.
Nigel Cockatoo is Jemaine Clement our bad guy, an impressive cockatoo. Jermaine was also the voicetalent for Jerry Minion in Despicable Me.
Pedro Crested Cardinal is Will i Am: in addition to doing the voice for our crazy crested cohort, Will i Am has supplied his well known musical talent to the Movie Soundtrack.

***All of the following links click through to Amazon.com:

Rio Movie Plush ToysRio Plush Set of 3

Spectacular Blu & Jewel Macaws have poseable wings that spread out to 17″. All of the plushes in this set are between 5 to 8 inches in height. This set includes: Blu Macaw, Jewel Macaw, and Rafael the Toucan. RIO the Movie Set of Three PlushPal Stuffed Toy Dolls (Blu, Jewel, Raphael ) $36.64



Blu Macaw Plush

Blu is a Spix Macaw, endagered in the rainforest.  He’s 8/5″ in height and has a poseable 17″ wingspan.  Rio the Movie Blu Plush Bird $22.00


Blu and Jewel Macaw Plush

Blu and Jewel Macaws Plush Pair

Maybe you’ve already seen the trailers and have noticed that these two feathered friends are always together. Both have huge poseable wings, are about 8.5″ tall and the chain is detachable. (This set does not include handcuffs or chain.) $32.97 _blank”>RIO the Movie Blu & Jewel Macaws 8″ Plush Stuffed Toy Dolls


Rio Movie Talking Walking Luiz Plush Bulldog

talkingluizMacaw’s best friend? We gotta check out the film to find out if Luiz the bulldog is friend or foe – in either case, he’s bound to be funny! This soft plush toy is 7″ in length. $65.00

Talking Walking Luiz Bulldog Plush

Marmos, Pedro and Nico shown below are small plushes that are about 8″ in height. Additional sellers within these links are offering competitive prices too!

RioMovie Marmoset
RioMovie Marmos Plush $39.99

Pedro Plush
Pedro Plush $19.40

RioMoviePlush CanaryNico Canary $45.00








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Rio Movie Talking Walking Plush

Here’s our sassy friend Luiz the Bulldog – so loveable! These characters are poseable and recite various phrases from the film, and their mouths move in animated motion. There are two sizes for Luiz – the talking plush pal is about 10″ and the Walking Talking Luis is a smaller 8″ in height.

Jewel Luiz Minis
10” Talking Luiz Bulldog PlushPal $46.99

Walking Luiz PlushWalking Talking Luiz Plush Pal $44.99







“Big PlushPals” non-talking characters are also available:

Rio Movie 11” Jewel Plush (non-talking)

11” Large Luiz (non-talking)

11” Big Pedro








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Rio The Movie McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

Now that everyone knows that Rio The Movie is a hit, everyone is scampering off to McDonalds to get the toys – but they’re also available on Ebay from various sellers.

Rio is from the “Ice Age” creators, so it’s a given that the film will be riotous and filled with slap happy gags. This movie goes further in adding a vibrant latin beat against a gorgeous rainforest background. Our main characters are Blu, an endangered Spix Macaw and Jewel, his not-so-would-be love. Chained together in haphazard flight, they set off to fulfill Blu’s destiny. Other friends include Luiz, the bumbling Bulldog, Pedro, the wise-cracking CrestedCardinal, Nico the handy Yellow Canary, Rafael, our joking Toucan pal and two foes: Nigel the Sulpher Crested Cockatoo and Marmo, leader of the marmoset monkey bandits.

Of course the prize piece will be Blu, ‘cuz he’s got that rockin’ cool skateboard. But other sought after toys will be Rafael and Nigel, because their characters aren’t carried in a plushtoys. As with most McDonalds Happy Meal toys, all of these 2.5″ characters have something that make them unique and most of them have some poseable action. Check out the complete sets and individual RioHappyMeal toys here.

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Rafael Plush? Where is he?

Now that Rio the Movie is a smash hit with both critics and families alike, we’re all wondering “What happened to Rafael the Toucan?”. He’s as lively as the rest of the gang, why aren’t there plush toys for him? I can’t say that I have the answer to this question, but I do have several alternative plushpals to suggest in Rafael’s stead. I’ll also include other plushtoy alternatives for a couple of the other characters too, just to round things out a bit. It always seems that once a popular kids film is out in the theaters, prices on the plushtoys escalate like crazy. Having a choice in similar toys is a good bet!



Rafael Alt. Plush
8” Toucan Plush with Blue Eyes $19.99

RafaelPlush Alternate
12” Alt. Rafael Plush $13.99

RioMoviePlush ToucanAlternative Rafael 8” Webkinz $25.00








Marmoset Alt. Plush
10” Marmoset w/baby $18.49

BluPlush Alternate
12” Alt. Blue Plush CuddleKin $13.30

RioMoviePlush MacawBlue Macaw Finger Puppet $8.60





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Rio The Movie Coloring Pages and Books

Rio the Movie Coloring Pages and Books are now available in a wide variety featuring all your favorite characters from the film. Several of these wonderfully affordable coloring books are also activity books, filled with seek-and-find, puzzles, games and wild kidlike fun.

Rio Movie Coloring Book
Rio Movie Coloring & Activity Book $4.99

Look and Find
Rio Look and Find (8 scenes) $7.98

RioColoringGiant Coloring and Activity Book $2.99







View all of the RioMovie Coloring and Activity Books and several reading choices for all ages too!

Online Rio Coloring Pages and game pages abound, with the foremost being the Rio Movie Official Site with tons activities here: filled with trailers from the film, illustrations and character art, movie synopsis, icon and wallpaper downloads, captivating music and online games.


Chiquita Rio Coloring Pages: Download and Print Coloring Pages from the film – Several art activities for your kids from the Chiquita Bananas promotion.


There are also some choice interactive coloring pages online for: Blu | Jewel | Blu, Jewel & Rafael | Rafael


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Rio Movie 2.5″ Mini Figures have arrived!

One of the newest entries from the Rio Movie Toys line are these mini character figures. They’re approximately 2.5″ in height and their heads turn along with the wings on the birds. McDonalds also has a Rio Toys promotion that should be starting soon, I’ll keep you updated as those come down the line too. As soon as there’s a complete set of these mini figures, I’ll be sure to add that listing to the fray. Can’t wait to see this movie! The music soundtrack is an upbeat mix of classic Sergio Mendez and rousing hip hop beats from Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx – groove to all the samples here:
Rio: Music From the Motion Picture

mini figures Blu Rafael
Mini Figures 2 Pack Blu Rafael out of stock

Jewel Luiz Minis
Rio Mini Figures 2 Pack Jewel Luiz out of stock

Nico Pedro Mini FiguresMini 2Pack Nico Pedro out of stock

Rio figures Nigel Marmos
Mini Figures 2 Pack Nigel Marmos $20.00

Jewel Luiz Minis
Rio Mini Figures 2 Pack Jewel Luiz out of stock

Nico Pedro Mini FiguresMini 2Pack Nico Pedro out of stock





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